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Integrative & Holistic Therapy

The power in knowing what causes your body imbalances, gives us the power to heal them. 

The Mission is to HEAL you from the root cause of your problem.

Pain is the body’s manifestation of limitations created by the mind, dwindled spirit or non-acknowledgment of the soul. Pain can be anything from restrictions or functional limitations such as fatigue, muscle or joint aches, strains, spasms.

When a person has aches and pains in their body, it leads to uncertainty and anxiety in their thinking, leading to more aches and pains in their body, just like a constant circle of pain. Using an integrative “whole” body approach to healing and therapy, I assess and treat all the contributing factors that lead to your mind-body imbalance so you can return to living your life as a free spirit!

What is Integrative & Holistic Therapy?shutterstock_221442409

Our belief is that pain has a spiritual side. The thoughts we think or the past traumas and experiences we’ve endured leave negative energies in our bodies, that become manifested as blocks somewhere in the body. If its not cleared completely from the root, it will linger and become chronic. This is why no matter how much physical therapy, doctor’s visits, medications, or shots you have, you still have pain/restriction/limitation/dysfunction.

We work together to clear and release these manifestations, at the same time empowering you to create a new foundation for your thoughts, visions, dreams and actions. A foundation full of positivity, growth and abundance.

Your experience will involve a hands-on, one on one therapy session for up to sixty minutes with only the trained healer. We assess your imbalances, through physical and energy diagnosing methods, then work with you to heal.

Treatments are integrative, combining east meets west philosophies, giving you access to a multitude of healing techniques. We are able to incorporate a wide array of holistic and natural methods such as Reiki, Manual Therapies, combining breath and bodywork with stress relief, Meditation, Yoga, Posture Training, flexibility and strengthening into your own individualized healing program.

Sessions are also geared towards maximizing your time, speeding recovery and equipping you with the essential tools to keep transforming!

What is Soul Coaching?

Our soul is the essence of who we are. When you think of that innate database of wisdom or knowledge that we have; it is our soul. Our soul houses all the information we need to allow growth in this life, to follow out our purpose or calling. Our soul has all the past experiences and karma that we need to clear and learn from to move forward so we are not living in Groundhog’s Day!

“When you know better, you do better.” ~ Maya Angelou

I coach you to gain access to this beautiful wisdom within you, to tap into it at every moment and live a life where your actions are in balance with the wisdom and truth that is already within you. It becomes your duty to live every moment with your soul potential.

The Goal:


To heal! And have some fun and laughs while doing it…so you leave inspired and back to what you enjoy with a renewed sense of a WHOLE you!


Are you ready to heal?

Who can be a candidate for sessions?

Anyone who wants to live a life with truth, love and light!

Physically we see anyone with chronic pain, muscle sprains/strains, joint issues, headaches, fatigue dysfunction, pelvic or spinal disorders, women’s health conditions, yoga injuries.

Spiritually we meet with anyone that feels like something is missing, there is a block, or you don’t feel like yourself, something is just not right.